Lande Drop off and Pick Up

Dear Field Families,

We are having some issues with drop off and pick up and have serious safety concerns.  Students are being dropped off where they should not be in our drive through.  Many times, parents in cars cannot see these students, especially the little ones.  Please refer to this letter and the attached map to ensure that students are dropped off and picked up safely.

Morning Drop Off:

Lane 1- This is the “kiss and go” lane.  Students in this lane should quickly exit their vehicles and proceed to campus.  No cars should be left unattended in this lane

Lane 2- No student drop off and no parking

Lane 3- In this lane you can park and walk your student on to campus.  No students should be released on their own from this lane.

Lane 4- No student drop off and no parking.

Afternoon Pick Up:

Lane 1-Parents are welcome to pick up their children directly in this lane.  No cars should be left unattended.

Lane 2- No pick up and no parking in this lane

Lane 3- You may park in this lane or one of the parking spaces to exit and pick up your child.  Children will not be released alone to cars in this lane.

Lane 4-No pick up and no parking in this lane.

Please adhere to these procedures so we can ensure that all of our children are safe.